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Twinspire is our software libraries which comprise of an entire framework for building user interfaces, video games and applications in C#. It was originally designed in the Haxe programming language but eventually moved to C# for the language features of Haxe were not needed, in addition to many complications relating to its transpiler to multiple languages.

Now that we have migrated the Twinspire codebase to C#, we aim to provide non-C# developers the ability to use the many toolkits we wish to use in combination with Twinspire.

The Spiritual Transition

The Spiritual Transition begins the journey of Azeki, an apprentice Anji brought to the settlement of Sakooisi to undergo her long pilgrimage of trials, cleansing her soul of past mistakes and become whole with the higher specimens of Guardians.

In the twisted void from whence the energetic forces distorted into a terrible creature, Shadowlight embarks on a separate path resembling that of Azeki's daughter. Taking on multiple forms to confuse all that which it intends to control, enslave and manipulate, Shadowlight brings misery on Azeki's path and implodes into multiple shards representing different realities yet to be played out.

In the many incarnations Azeki takes, will she overcome the darkness and restore balance in the distorted energies across the universe?

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