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StoryDev Character Generator

Get a free copy of StoryDev Character Generator and make your own 2D character in minutes.

Manage Characters and Projects

You can manage all of your characters in one place and manage your projects with ease. Essential, yet intuitive.


Choose from a library of assets

From Hats, Eyes and Hair Styles, to all the clothing pieces for the body on the Head, Chest, Leggings and Feet, we have you covered. There is no possibility for duplicates in this generator.

Manage Colours and Palettes

Modify the colours of all assets, including any layers, with the whole colour spectrum at your disposal and up to 40 colours to save into the palette for each asset/layer.


Easily Export

Easily export the final assets into the location of your choice, making it easy for you to separate the project files from the sprite sheets. Integrate into your games' pipeline with ease.

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