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TwinspireCS Tools

We are working on a user interface toolkit with many features to allow you to manage your own projects. It cares not for the subject language/framework/library you use and does not discriminate on your choice of platform. Anything is possible with TwinspireCS Tools.

Key Features

Database Management

From basic file storage, SQL-based databases and RESTful services, you can manage your database and design forms for your content.


This is meant to be for video games. Design stories in any way you choose. Linear, non-linear, etc. All options are possible.

Components & Interfaces

Design and create components and interfaces that can easily integrate into your chosen platform.

Event Management

Create Events for 2D or 3D worlds, designed to allow for inline script generation or for runtime implementation.

File Management

Manage your files in one place easily and quickly. Get connected to your server and manage your files via FTP as well.


Connect TwinspireCS Tools to a server and have all your projects managed in a central location that all your users can access.

When can I get TwinspireCS Tools?

This project is a work-in-progress being built alongside our flagship, Character Generator. We will be providing updates on our progress over at our blog, so please visit our blog for information on how it's being made and what you can expect.

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